Friday, December 26, 2008


很明显的,今天12月25日是圣诞节,你不能否认这是个很盛大的日子,当然我也不能。让我们闭上眼睛幻想一下,大城市的盛况,可言是people mountain people sea loh....wakakakka....可是,我就是不相信自己的想象能力,决定,就在这天去谷中城(a.k.a Midvalley lah.. noob)wakakakakak...这此随行的,就是Ting feng 哥哥lah。
好的,为什么要去midvalley neh?? 你们懂什么叫year end sale mah...ya lah i know lah everyday got sale lah, why i must go midvalley by by christmas day leh?? I am not stupid, ok!! other than go shopping ( i dont like shopping lah but like to see other shopping) wakakakka.... then there must be an aim for me d... Do you all know the chinese New year is around the corner liao.. that's why i want to buy shirt for it lah.
my aim is jean and some other pants lah.. shirt?? my sis help me buy in singapore edy lah, boss...
Reach there by around 2pm, wakakaka, ok finally i gt the mean of 人山人海 liao.. hohoho.. Luckily i am thin lah, otherwise i cant go through the waves of people there... wakkaka... Imaging lah, a kungfu master walk between space between man to man, i mean very very small d space... tat's me.... For the highest discount in the city then i go to Jusco 1st( not for all lah, just for some branded things lah, up to 70% loh. But this type of discount in Jusco last for around whole year loh) hehe.. watever lah.. Last, i get a LOIS jeans with the Price RM 65... Other than that , we bought two Gosen d badminton racket....that's all

Then, it's makan time.. Carl' jr.. Know ? actually, i dont ever hear it before i stay in cyberjaya, ya lah, i am kinda kampung boy lah.. For those also dont know it, It's type of fast food restaurant lah, selling very very huge/large/big/great burger(my imagination before i having it lah) Last, i was very disappoint with the size of burger there, it's js one n half of the Bigmac, it's only half of my imagination leh).wakakka..But burger there very very fresh loh, juicy, i eat a beef burger, it's fresh until i could hear the "mu~mu~" sound of the cow n beg me dont eat it... wakakak... Other than that hor, french fries there also nice..taste is better than MCD/KFC/BK d loh( my view only lah).. dont sue me ar...

last, js wanna inform u all, maggi mee of the Jusco nw, very very cheap loh, RM 2.80 per pack loh if u buy with Jusco card...

Apology first for my English today, very very worst loh.. no mood liao ... too late liao ...

Monday, December 15, 2008









周華健、品冠、李宗盛 - 最近比較煩



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