Sunday, September 7, 2008

we are family

first, i want to tell you all that i will try to use proper english start from this post. My english is really poor, so, i hope that you all can point out my fault in my post lah.wakakakaka....hohohohoho.. Thanks to mr gerrard, i will try to improve my english by blogging here lah...wakakaka

ok lah, back to the topic. Why we are family. I think you know the reason why i create this post if you are a Malaysian. Wakkakak....In Malaysia, we got three major race...wakakaka..Actually, i know it since i was 4 years old lah, so, i not need to list it out again lah...wakakakaka...liamsI damhA(again read it"gostan" lah, i really takut kena tangkap), you noob,you suck, you tahi, you b*b*. Ok , first i ask you all, do u malay/chinese/india hate malay/chinese/india(do know will be kena tangkap or not if write like this)??For me, a chinse i really really conform to stay with them in same country, and i love them all.wakakakak..... Tell you all my background 1st lah, i study in a Local university, and now i stay with three of my malay frend lah...wakaka..

But you, liamsI damhA, what did you said during Permatang Pauh election...We can accept malay as the host of Malaysia( i think most of india and chinese think like this lah)..but you politician always use racism as your political bargaining chip..I really really do not know why..haiz..I live this country..I love Ali and Mutu... PLEASE PLEASE....all of my lovely politician(dont care u r "pakatan" or "Bn"),stop playing ethnic politics,stop pollute Malaysia!!!!!

Hey, again ar, i want to tell u all , i write here not to talk about racism ar...dont call police catch me leh, i really really takutkena mum ask me study here, but no to kena tangkap here...wakakakakkaakaka...walao A, wachibe..i really really cannot tahan blogging with proper english leh...wakakakakak

tell you all a link( in chinese)(my sis tell me d):

my gf and i d result:

总格-> 27(金)

wakaka...quite "zhun"!!!


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