Saturday, November 8, 2008

debate training + home coming

ahaha, i am back again. Again, i am here to tell you all , i havent die lah. i still alive and i "hope" my blog wont 生草tat's why i create new post here. Wakakakakka.. haiz charm, gt my result liao, da result hor cant show ppl d too bad liao... i swear i will gambateh nx sem d....wakaka

Last week ar, i didnt post anything here becoz i am buzy with a chinse debate training lah....It was a very interesting training lah and i was enjoyed it very much loh.. All da senior there very "teachactive" lah. wakakaka... want to know more ?? ok , i dont want to tell you.. wakakakakkaak....story too long liao Lazy to type here lah, if u wan know more about it please visit here lah or you can call 1300-88-2525 for da pizza lah..... wakakaka...ok lah , i will share withyou more about this later lah...(a.k.a to be continue lah)

Today is my home coming day again.. wakakakakkaka..... come back home with a guy named teng guang lah.... he ar , is a very nice guy loh, a very pro debater, a guy always with a smile... ok lah dont want praise him liao later he 飞起来。wakakakka...... Ok, during our way from Putrajaya to Tasik Selatan, i lost my wallet in the KLIA transit( A thing that can run up to 100++Km/H...) I found that i lost my wallet when we reach tasik selatan... and when i made a report in counter there a gud gud d Malay guy call me and tell me that he got my wallet and he leave it in KLIA transit counter in KL Sentral ( it's mean that i have to go to KL S to collect my lovely wallet).. and da gud gud Mr. TG accompany me to collect it lah... in Kl S, tat F***ing counter staff ask me to pay for the fare form tasik selatan to KL S 1st to get the wallet otherwise he wouldnt give me back my wallet...althoungt i promise i will go back to tasik selatan bt he still reject to give me back... Again Mr.TG stand out, and scold him n tell him if he dnt want to past the wallet to me then he will call da police( hope u all can imaging the situation there lah).... then, tat staff takut edy, mayb his kencing oso come out edy, then he gv me back my wallet.. wakakaka.. again , thanks Mr. TG.... wakakaka.

ok lah, today until here oni, to be continue..... wakakakakakak....


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