Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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Now, is 3.25am, listen to 卓文萱 d new song, drink Rm 2.90 d 100 plus, still dont want sleep although tomorrow got 10 am d class but now no mood to sleep. just habis playing basketball with friends in old town after having steamboat with debate class d friends.. very tired but dont want to sleep , that's me a crazy guy. wakakakkaka.... today, whole body feel very 平静 maybe because yesterday no enough sleep gua.. wakakakak..watch barcelona until 6 am ... wakakka...
that's what i always tell my sister d, university life.. wakakakaka....

actually, open this new post not to share with you about my feeling today lah, but to share about my last weekend d life... wkakakakakkaka... happy d weekend...
hoho.. my lovely RuRu come and visit me again.. although every time she come i will over budget but i always wait for her advent... wakakak.. this time we go to the book fair a.k.a 第十届【书香】国际中文书展 that held from 2008年11月14日至23日 in the mines.. Actually , i really enjoy the time that shopping with my gf.. wakakak... jealous leh.. wakakakaka... this time d book fair , i aimed for the 三国志 lah , but all the book there with the 白话translate one,read liao no shock den finallly din buy it. However , this time i harvest some cheap cheap d book, wakaka,.... happy...

Franklin D. Roosevelt (chinese Version) lah

wanna know more about this guy, go search wiki loh.. wakkaka.. lazy to intro here...
wakakka... but this guy , is a u must noe person... Original price RM 50 bought in with RM15 wakakak..

How to Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

Again a must read book for you all, this is the one and only one self-help book (励志书) that i believe in. First Published during 1936.. again wanna know more? go search wiki wakkakaka....Ori Price RM 30, bought in with RM 10... wakakka.


this is the thing that i promise buy for my mum but is use her money lah..wakakaka actually i plan to buy it during Pikom because last time i go LowYat search it all around RM 60 -100 d. but this one oni for RM 40 and easy to use so i buy one loh.. wakakak

KingMax thumbdrive 2GB

Actually din plan to buy it but it's really cheap so buy one for spare, wakakak..
Rm 16 oni leh 2 Gb , wakakak, donno why book fair can get cheap d computer accessories. wakakak.. so happy.. after come back go check pricelist found that other company sold it around RM22 it's mean i gt the cheap thing again... wkakakaka...


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