Monday, January 15, 2007

查看friendster 的照片


Insert FriendSter user ID (UID)

How To find UID from friendster profile :
1. Visit profile page you want to check.
2. Check the URL in profile page, if url structure like this : , then xxxxxx is their UID.
3. IF the structur already using nickname : , click on their profile picture and check the URL. Structure will be like : , then xxxxxx is their UID.
4. Save their UID

How To Use FS Intipers :
1. Input their UID into the search box and hit GO button.
2. After searching finish, you'll see their photo album list. just click on one of the album to saw their photo.
3. Click on one of the photo to saw real size photo.
4. If you want to check another photo album, hit back button and click on another album.

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