Thursday, September 25, 2008

hoho....i am back...

hohohoho.....Long time no post here already...alomost forgot i got a blog here liao....hohoho....dont wan let it 生草.... i am back!!!

hahaha,i gt my new cellphone liao....hohoho....SE K530i with 2gb memory card....first thx to my lovely mother...hohoho...thx for buy the cellphone for me...Actually, i dont really want to change a new phone if my former lover nokia 2100 din die...It was happen on a night,my lovely 2100 try to learn swimming...unfortunately, it drown due to it donno how to swim.....haiz...althought it is a outdated phone for most ppl, bt for me , the relation between me and 2100 is unbreakable d....k530i is my 2nd colour phone, 1st one is panasonicX70(also die after learning swimming, hohohoho...)lah... After using K530i , i totally fall in love with it.... After flash the audio driver, the sound of it is amazing( i mean for the 450+ price range d phone lah)..

hohoho, tomolo is a important day for me and Simpang Renggam...wakakkaka....Gauss is home coming!!!!!!!! i am so excited, excited until cant sleep...tomolo 8.30am d bus and the bus station change from pudu raya to bukit jalil ... have to wake up 5.30am... haiz....hope i wouldnt 追 bus...

Malaysia to use nuclear energy by 2023?! i am surprise to heard this.Malaysia will turn to nuclear energy to generate electricity by 2023 as supplies of fossil fuel eventually run out,Energy, Water and Communications Minister Shaziman Mansor said .State utility Tenaga has said it could construct the country's first 1,000 MW nuclear power plant at a cost of 3.1 billion dollars after being asked by the government to look at the option amid surging global oil prices and the country's limited supply of oil and natural gas. Will it be the biggest plan for the Abdullah's government??let us 试目以待!!!



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