Friday, October 17, 2008

Hai hai alll, hoho miss me ? Long time didnt post here liao. Finally, finish my final exam liao. haiz.... tired ah..... thanxs for that mr./mrs. G d support, i think i know who are you lah. hhohoho...

This is what a exam student's desk looked like lah. I stay will these clamp of paper for two weeks and it almost made me crazy lah. That's why i hate exam !!!! TMD .

Gauss in Super Saiyan Mode(a.k.a Son Goku Mode)

Or u can turn into Super Ultraman mode to face with da exam

Ok lah, i wouldnt share much with you about my exam , i believe u all know da exam d feel lah.if you dont congratulation, u are lucky. Wakakakakaka.

So, let us continue with the second part of the title to today - trip to JOGOYA.
wakakkakaa.. what is JOGOYA ? A taiwanese restaurant chain that focusing on japanese buffet. So, what different between this buffet restaurant with other buffet restaurant??

1st, price!!!!
RM 88++ per person. Although i already know the price before i went there, but i surprise to see the price list there. After adding tax, it will be around RM102 per person. Lucky Tze Hui, it was lady night that day, so she only to pay half of da price!! So, 4 boy and 1 gal = RM462!!!

2nd, food
show u all some picture 1st

Raw oyster

Little Lobster stone Hot pot (石头火锅)

Thailand 香 coconut

My favorite-- Tempura

Cheese Baked Oyster

Lobster Paper Hot pot( 纸火锅)

Little Lobster + Lobster Salad + snail + Raw Octopus


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